Welcome to Easyharp, my blues harmonica lessons website! Easyharp is an easy learning method to play blues harmonica with video lessons and harmonica tabs.

To study Easyharp video lessons and tabs you need only one major diatonic harmonica in the key of C; all the rest is inside every Easyharp lesson.

At the top of the website you find the menus with the different topics and products offered by Easyharp: video lessons, tabs, news (lot of free articles about blues harmonica playing), a wall where you can leave your comments, external links which may interest you, a contact section to communicate directly with the author of Easyharp and more.

Each video lesson covers a specific topic, for an average length of about 20 minutes per lesson: you will be guided through explanations, examples and useful exercises. The lessons are arranged in a logical order of a standard learning process, from beginner level to advanced level; in each lesson, you will always have the opportunity to refine your technique on the chosen topic.

You only need a diatonica harmonica in the key of C.

Inside VIDEO LESSONS section you can find and purchase the lessons that are best suited to your needs; completed the purchase process, you will receive the links to download each video file on MP4 format that you can use on your pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone. The download procedure is simple and immediate but you can download each file only once; remember that you must first download the files to a PC, then you are free to transfer and manage them on your other personal devices.

If you have problems with files downloading (slow and instable connection, incomplete download, corrupt downloaded files, incomplete playback, etc..), follow the instructions in the DOWNLOAD SOLUTIONS guide to permanently solve this kind of problems and be able to proceed effectively with the download process.

If you are interested in purchasing more lessons or the complete course, take a look at Easyharp homepage to find special discounts opportunities: COUPON codes are always available and useful to save money in case of cumulative purchases.

Inside TABS menu you find Easyharp blues harmonica tabs, a selection of songs to study different styles of the blues harmonica masters (pdf + audio file mp3). Easyharp tabs are advanced tablatures for blues harmonica, read the Easyharp Tabs User Guide to correctly use them. 

Choose all products that interest you and put them inside your shopping basket: on the right column you will always see your chosen products, which you can also find in the BASKET menu. Selected all the products of your interest, go to the shopping Basket menu to proceed with purchasing: if you are already registered on Easyharp, simply log in with your username and password, otherwise you will need to proceed with the registration as a new user.

The REGISTRATION process is very simple: completed your personal data entry, you will receive a confirmation email. The registration process will also add you on Easyharp mailing list that will allow you to receive newsletter with interesting news about Easyharp development and other useful information related to the blues harp world; you're always free to exclude yourself from the mailing list.

After LOGIN, go to the Basket menu, or simply select "show shopping basket" in the right column: here you can enter a coupon code to take advantage of available discounts and then complete the purchase process.

PAYPAL is the accepted payment method, that is the more secure and reliable worldwide payment system. The transaction is immediate: in a few minutes you will receive an email with the payment confirmation and the links to purchased downloadable products. Just click on the various links to start the download process.

Each purchased downloadable product can be downloaded only once: if you have any problem before completing the download you can make new attempts, but when download is successfully completed the link will be no longer working. Take care to recognize the downloaded file path.

In the NEWS section you can find all the latest news and information about Easyharp and the harmonica world.

In the LINKS menu you can find a list of friendly websites that you could have interest to visit.

For problems, questions or information you can use the form in the CONTACT section and the email address that you can find on the same page: you will receive a timely response to the issues.

You can also leave a comment on Easyharp wall located precisely in the WALL menu.

Have a good time on Easyharp and remember that learning to play harmonica is easy with Easyharp: take it easy, take it easyharp :)


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