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Hello, I like to talk again about my Blues Harmonica Lessons website, where you find all my experience on teaching blues harmonica. I started teaching blues harmonica in 1998, when I was invited by the Jazz Center in my city (Turin, Italy) to have my own blues harmonica workshop: it was a great experience and in the next two years I had a lot of students and I understood that I really love teaching blues harmonica. So I decided to keep on teaching privately and I’m still doing it nowadays.

When I felt in love with blues harmonica, I was young, I was 16 years old and it was 1990. At that time and particularly in my country (Italy) it was very difficult to reach good tutorial material about blues harmonica: no internet, no youtube, no tutorial, no online lessons at that time! Just a few books to start playing. Ah, no mp3… only tapes and vinyls… first cds were coming soon, but nothing else. So, I started collecting blues harmonica albums and I spent quite a lot of time listening to them and trying to learn. Anyway, good times: slow and repeated listening, quite different from today.

Then I started studying blues harmonica techniques, music theory, blues language, I spent a lot of time on all that stuff and I learned to play. Obviously I spent also a lot of time playing with other musicians, having gigs, performing live. And I grew up.

Now almost 30 years are gone from the day I bought my first harmonica and I think there is always something new to learn. But I know I have learned a lot till now ;)

In 2013 I created , Easyharp, first Italian blues harmonica video lessons website, and it was a blast in my country! Yes, I was first in my country developing a new easy method to study and learn playing blues harmonica, with an entire harmonica video lessons workshop, totally 7 hours, divided in single lessons, and an advanced harmonica tablatures section for blues harmonica advanced students. Everyone knows me in Italy and a lot of new harpers have grown with my Easyharp.

In 2014 I became Seydel Harmonicas artistist endorser.

Now Easyharp is available also in English: . I translated all my blues harmonica lessons and I dubbed myself on my videos speaking in English. English subtitles are available too. It took me a lot of time doing it, but I’m sure that all my experience can help a lot of people learning to play blues harmonica in a easy and quick way: that’s what I’ve done from 1998 till today! I learned to play, then I learned to teach! And all students are happy! :)

I hope this explanation can help understanding all passion and love I put creating my blues harmonica lessons website. As a teacher, my focus is on easy learning and easy understanding all topics included in my workshop, it’s for beginners and medium level students. For more advanced lessons you can contact me privately.

All blues harmonica lessons videos are available here and are sold at the best price. Special Coupons are always available for more great discounts on packages purchase.

I wish you all best playing the blues harmonica! And have fun!

Paolo Demontis

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