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If you purchased downloadable Easyharp video lessons and you have problems with files downloading (incomplete download, corrupt downloaded files, incomplete playback, etc..), follow the instructions below to permanently solve this kind of problems and be able to proceed effectively with download process.

After purchasing downloadable Easyharp video lessons, you received a confirmation email with links to the various downloads, as in the image below:

If everything works correctly, simply click on the text "download link ....." relative to every lesson purchased to start downloading.

Please note that you can start downloading by pc only, not smartphones, tablets and other devices; after downloading by pc, you can then transfer files even on different devices (smartphones, tablets, etc..).

We recommend that you start one download only at a time, especially if you are using a slow connection, and start the next download only when previous ones are completed.

If you are using slow or unstable connections, it can happen to conclude a download but to get a video file not complete, consequently it stops during playback before reaching the end of the entire video.

If you encounter these errors, you still have the option to restart several times the download process until you get the file intact and uncorrupted.

If the same error occurs all the times and then you can not download the complete purchased file (error is largely due to the speed and stability of the internet connection), just follow the instructions you find below to permanently solve your problem: will be sufficient to install the free download management software as explained below, and (for Windows users) apply two simple settings.

In this way you will solve any kind of problem related to corrupt files downloading and you'll only have to worry about learning to have fun playing your wonderful instrument :)



Go to this web address:

Free Download Manager is the most known and used free download management software, with all languages interface.

Enter the download area and download the software as shown in the image below:


Install the software and prefer your language interface.

To permanently solve the download problems it is sufficient to apply two simple settings of the newly installed software.

Click on the Options menu and choose settings as shown in the image below:


In the settings window, select "New Download" and enter in the "Advanced" tab as shown in the image below:


Inside advanced download settings, in the "Connection" tab you have simply to modify two parameters as shown in the image below, which is the result of changes done:

- in the "Network" area remove the option to the maximum number of attempts

- in the "Sections" area define the maximum number as 1

Perfect, you've just installed and correctly set up Free Download Manager.

This will allow you to no longer have the recurring problems with corrupted downloads.

To start downloading Easyharp video lessons through Free Download Manager, come back to the email you received purchasing the lessons and import the download links inside Free Download Manager in a few steps.

Open the email with the download links and over the text "Download link ..." right click mouse button and choose "Copy link address", as indicated in the image below:

Now go back to Free Download Manager and start the download by clicking on the blue icon on the upper left; choose your preferred target location (when download is completed and successful, you can not make a second download of the same file, then set a target easily detectable according to your needs) and click OK.

Leave Free Download Manager working all alone: a few seconds after download has started, you'll see that the software will handle the download making the most of your connection even in the case of temporary interruptions due to interference on the connection.

In this way, in a few minutes you can finally download your Easyharp video lessons without any file corruption problem.

If you have problems with connection speed and stability, always follow this simple procedure, starting one download at a time using Free Download Manager and remember to have fun learning to play blues harmonica with Easyharp :)



One of the best download manager software for Mac is Folx GO; you can download it for free from the App Store at this URL:

With this download manager you can download avoiding and solving any network connection problem and you can also use it to manage other downloads.

After installing the software, start Folx GO.

Instead of clicking on the download links in the email received by the order and consequently starting the standard download process, simply click with the mouse right button (if enabled on the Mac) or Ctrl + click and select "Copy link" as image below:

Then start Folx GO and paste the link in the "Quick add field " and click on the button with the speech bubble on the right to start the download, as in the image below:

Your download will finish in a few minutes and you’ll finally have your complete and uncorrupted Easyharp video lesson file.

If you have problems with connection speed and stability, always follow this simple procedure and remember to have fun learning to play blues harmonica with Easyharp :)

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