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blues harmonica lessons online


After the successful landing on the web of www.easyharp.it, the first italian website with online video lessons to learn playing blues harmonica, finally www.easyharp.it/en  is online!!!

Inside the brand new English Easyharp webiste everyone will have the opportunity to easily understand techniques, theory, practice, exercises , riffs, positions, etc.

Each topic is addressed in individual video lessons, concise and effective: you will find an experienced guide to drive you step by step along the dusty road of blues harmonica. You will learn quickly and most importantly you'll understand!

Don’t worry if you're not so handy with the English language: every word is transcribed into clear subtitles!

Easyharp Lessons are for all levels students; each lesson will help you to properly develop the different techniques from basic level to advanced level. Even if you already play the harmonica, do not overlook arguments that might seem expected: it is very important that you build solid technical foundations and that you do not bring forward in time the bad habits that may prevent you from properly develop your skills on the instrument.

Inside Easyharp you will find all you need to start playing blues harp and to become an expert blues harmonica player; other interesting advanced topics will be soon online.

You only need a standard Richter tuning diatonic harmonica in the key of C, all the rest is inside the different video lessons. Each topic is simply explained through diagrams, examples, exercises, riffs, licks, tablatures, even more complicated phrasing: just push the play button and start playing.

And remember that learning to play harmonica is easy with Easyharp: take it easy, take it Easyharp :)


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