Blues scale cross harp | Easyharp Tips

Playing in cross harp means playing blues harmonica in second position, that is the most confortable way to obtain all the notes of the blues scale. This is because you can easily apply the draw bending technique on the third and on the fourth holes.

It is very important to recognize the different notes or this scale: it's the basic alphabet of the blues music.
If you force yourself to use only these notes, you will learn very quickly to build effective blues licks and you'll become more conscious of the position of these notes on your diatonic harmonica.

Obviously that's not enought to play good blues music and you have a lot of other possibilities and scales available playing blues harp, but you can't miss a clear meaning of the blues scale!

Here is the tablature of the blues scale in the reference octave playing your diatonic harmonica in second position, i.e. cross harp: play it ascending and discending paying attention to the correct tune of the bent notes!!! Play it everyday and try to improvise on it: you are training your blues harmonica musclues!

blues scale harmonica second position

To explore the topic of playing blues scale in second position with your diatonic harmonica, you can find a complete video lesson in this site here:  BLUES SCALE - SECOND POSITION

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