Major pentatonic scale cross harp | Easyharp Tips

Playing in cross harp, that is the second position of the blues harmonica, you can easily obtain all the notes of the major pentatonic scale, very commonly used in a lot of musical genres, such as country blues, ragtime and folk in general.

If you study this scale, you'll discover that a lot of themes and riffs are built using the notes of this scale and it will be very effective improvising on a major tuned song just using the notes of this scale.

In my video lesson I explaying you how to extend this scale to the entire range of the harmonica. Check it out clicking here on Major Pentatonic Scale Second Position.

Below you find the tablature of the major pentatonic scale playing your diatonic harmonica in cross harp. Learn to recognize and to correctly play all the notes of this scale, practice ascending and discending, start slowly and go faster and faster, than try to improvise using only these notes: you are enhancing your phrasing running in the country road of your harmonica!

major pentatonic scale cross harp

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