Blues harmonica low octave bending notes | Easyharp Tips

If you apply the bending technique on draw notes of the low octave of your diatonic harmonica, you can obtain a lot of new notes that are hidden inside your tiny instrument.
You need to keep all bent notes correctly tuned and you can play almost a complete chromatic scale! Only the flat third degree is missing (that however can be obtained with an overblow on the first hole, even if it's not a simple note to play).

Below you find all the notes that you can play on the low octave with the bending technique. 
Try to play all of them: you are going beyond the natural diatonic limits of your blues harp!

I know, it's not simple to play all these notes correctly tuned: help yourself using a chromatic tuner to check the pitch of your notes. If you want to improve your phrasing, you need all these missing notes on your blues harmonica! Take your time practicing, don't be in hurry, you'll have more fun later :)

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