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blues harmonica lessons

Hello my blues harmonica friends…I know…in all my video lessons I say: “And remember that learning to play harmonica is easy with Easyharp…”… but I know that it’s not easy learning to play a new instrument, it takes a long time studying and practicing, but it can be easier if someone, who spent a lot of time playing and studying blues harmonica, can give you good tips to save time reaching correctly your goals.

There are a lot of aspects concerning playing blues harp that are quite different from any other instrument. First of all: you can’t see anything when you play, you are like a blind man moving in the shadows…if you play a piano or a guitar, you can see where are going your fingers, on the contrary when play harmonica everything is hidden inside your harp and inside your body…but you can see what’s going on using the eyes of your mind, you need to build a mental vision of your instrument and this is one the topics that I teach in my course.

Another important thing: sounds are sounds, but in music we talk about notes, that have different  pitches. So it’s important to know that bending technique is also necessary to obtain a lot of notes missing in your harp, but you must learn to play them correctly pitched. So again, there are some tricks about this topic that I explain in my course.

Then, you know, if you look at a piano keyboard, even if you are not a piano player, you can clearly see an order, all notes are at the same distance and all octaves are the same. Playing your diatonic harmonica for the first time, you’ll be happy to hear some good simple melodies immediately coming out from your instrument, but you’ll notice something strange in the first notes order…you need to know which is the right disposition of the notes in your harmonica and how does it work each different octave, its different possibilities and this is one the topics that I teach in my course…

So, as you can understand, it’s important to have a clear and simple comprehension of what you are doing on your instrument and this can save you a lot of time and frustration trying to find an answer that actually is already in your hand.

So, take it easy and take it Easyharp :) I wish you a lot of fun playing your blues harmonica and hope to see you soon on Easyharp.


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