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Hello blues harmonica friends, I think everybody likes to practice playing blues harp on a backing track, expecially if it’s a good backing track, so you can improvise playing your licks and phrases almost like playing with a real band.

Yes, it’s important to have fun learning to play a new instrument and the best way, on my opinion, is to play with other musicians, playing together I mean, but it’s not always possible, so, if you get a good backing track, you can practice on your own but not completely alone.

I like to suggest you one of the best blues backing tracks website where you can find a very good selection of different blues styles and grooves, all tracks played by a real band, that is not so common but that can make the difference when you play your blues harmonica, because it’s important to feel the groove of the entire band when you are improvinsing; you can also record your sessions and listen back yourself to improve your improvisation.

So this is my suggestion:

On youtube you can also find a lot of free backing tracks, try them and try to play in different positions. 

Don't be shy! Feel free to play as you feel it! When you think you are good, record yourself playing harmonica over your favourite backing track and listen to yourself playing, this will really help you understanding and improving your musical feeling and intention.

I wish a lot of fun playing your blues harmonica!


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