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Hello blues harmonica friends, today I will give you some information about the way I learned to play the blues harmonica.

I started playing harmonica when I was sixteen (it was 1990) and I don’t know if you can imagine that time: no internet, no youtube and in my city no harmonica teachers… actually there was a very expensive blues harmonica class at Jazz School in my city, but I was too young and didn’t have enough money for it…fortunately a friend of mine was attending that class and gave me some starting tips, like how to play a blues accompaniment with the harp, he said: “my friend, first draw and than blow…”.

So I started drawing and blowing and I really didn’t know anything about my new instrument, but as said I was young, no money but a lot of time for discovering the amazing world of  blues harmonica recordings: I started listening to Little Walter, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Big Walter Horton and all the great blues harmonica masters. I found at that time. I was listening and trying to imitate their music, but it was not so simple, no one taught me how to play blues harmonica, anyway I was getting more and more involved in that world and a big passion was already born inside me.

For a long time (I’m talking about years) I only played by ear, because fortunately I have good ears :) and I also started playing some blues standards with a local band and after a few time I had my first paid gig in my city: really a lot of fun!

But going on I found a lot of difficulties making progress in my way of playing blues harmonica, so I started asking me why…the answer was very simple and clear: I should have started studying seriously my instrument and learning some technique and musical theory in order to go to the next level.

So for a long time (but at that time no more than one year) I studied a lot, fortunately internet was already available and I found a lot of new information in the web, but also inside books, handbooks, whatever I found became for me a new possibility to make a discover and I made a lot…

I was a little frustrated at the beginning when I discovered about breathing technique, embouchure technique, bending technique, scales, positions, etc etc… and I spent three months without playing two subsequent notes in the right way…you can imagine…before the decision to learn to play correctly, I was already playing, but in a wrong way…

But one day all my efforts were rewarded and I started playing again, but at that time I was perfectly conscious of what I was doing and I found no more limitations making new progress and I evolved a lot my way of playing blues harmonica; but the amazing thing was that every time I found a new difficulty, it was very simple to overcome it, because I built solid foundation in my new blues harmonica house.

Do you remember the expensive blues harmonica class at Jazz School in my city? Well, it’s a crazy story, but after that year when I completely changed my approach to the instrument, the Jazz School invited me to attend my own blues harmonica class with a lot of students waiting for my lessons…it’s really a crazy story, but that’s it :) I started teaching blues harmonica at Jazz School in my city and I really loved it, because I got more and more involved in the blues harmonica world and, you know, when you want to teach something you have to know it well…and I loved teaching and I loved my students, I loved seeing them making progress and loving themselves the blues harmonica.

So in a few time I learned how to play blues harmonica but also learned how to teach blues harmonica and teaching blues harmonica was for me one of the best ways to learn to play myself :)

That’s why I believe in my harmonica lessons and I believe that you can find a good help making new progress in your playing studying my blues harmonica video lessons: you find there a great part of my knowledge about basic blues harmonica technique and a lot of inspiration and practical exercises to achieve quickly a medium-advanced level playing your instrument. I hope you'll try it.

And obviously I loved playing blues harp just for fun, that’s the most important thing when I play :) So I wish you a lot of fun playing and learning to play the blues harmonica.


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