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harmonica breathing

Hello blues harmonica friends, today I try to give you a simple suggestion to improve your breathing while you play your blues harmonica.

You know, without breathing your harp will not sound at all…but if you force your breathing in a wrong way you will probably struggle in vain… I’m not trying now to explain how to use your diaphragm, but I suggest you a very simple exercise that will give you more control of your breathing while playing.

First of all: don’t use your nose, make this exercise breathing only through your mouth!

So, put you harmonica apart for a moment and relax. If you are sitting on a chair, slip down a little so that your shoulders are supported by your chair backrest. Put your hand crossed above your stomach and start breathing in the most relaxed way you can. Now imagine to fill with air a balloon in front of you, put some pressure blowing, only a breath of air is coming out, but continuously and with pressure. When you think all the air is out, start coughing a little, then stop motionless for a moment. Now you have to stay quiet, I know you would start inhaling all in once, but have to control your breathing inhaling only a breath of air, continuously and with some pressure, not too much. Now your lungs are the balloons to fill with air…fill them slowly and when you are full of air stop a moment and start pushing out the air like in the first part of the exercise.

This is a very simple and easy way to start controlling your breathing. Now take your harmonica and make the same thing with the harp in your mouth, breath in the same way, maybe through the fourth hole of a C harmonica. You are now playing a long lasting fourth hole blow and a long lasting fourth hole draw. After doing that a few times, start modifying the volume of your notes while playing them: start normal, then go very loud and then very soft, loud again, soft again…both blowing and drawing. Your diaphragm is working, can you feel it?

Hope this simple tip will help you finding your natural breathing when you play. If you need more instructions about using your breathing playing your blues harmonica you can check out my “breathing through the harmonica” lesson that you find in this website at this link:

Have fun playing your blues harp!

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