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Dear blues harmonica friends, today I suggest you a simple way to play a blues shuffle with your blues harmonica in second position, also calles cross harp. You’ll play a complete twelve bar blues progression ending on the dominant chord.

This example is played with a C diatonica harmonica, in second position, so it’s a blues shuffle in the key of G.

In this case all notes are played with a puckering embouchure, so that you can clearly ear the sound of the notes. You can obviously warm these notes in a lot of way and I’ll give you an example in one of my next tutorials; but now concentrate on obtaining clear single notes and most of all play them at the right time, as you find in the tablature notation.

This is an example of the Easyharp Harmonica Tabs, that are advanced tablatures for blues harmonica. For a correct understanding of the advanced tablatures please read the free user guide that find on Easyharp at this link: Harmonica Tabs User Guide.

Here below you find the advanced tablature of the proposed exercise and the link of Easyharp Youtube Channel where you can listen how to play it. If you like it, please subscribe my Youtube Channel.

First Volume of the Easyharp Tabs is already available on Easyharp at this link: TABS.

Easyharp Tabs are advanced tablature for blues harmonica and in the first volume you’ll find an introduction to the blues harmonica masters different styles.

The complete blues harmonica video lessons masterclass is available on Easyharp at this link: VIDEO LESSONS.

Have fun!

blues harmonica lessons

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