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Dear blues harmonica friends, today for you an entire track from Easyharp Blues Harmonica Tabs Vol 1 for free! It’s a minor blues played in third position using Easyharp advanced tablatures for blues harmonica.

“Third Pucker Blues” is track n°10 of Easyharp Tabs Vol. 1 and it is an example of how you can play a standard tuned diatonic harmonica (blues harp) on a minor blues according to George Harmonica Smith style and so many others like him (Junior Wells, Little Walter,…).

I played this track with an harmonica in the key of C and I played it over a D minor blues backing track, playing all the notes written in the Easyharp advanced tabs that you find here. If you are interested in my trascriprions for blues harmonica, please tale a look at Tabs section that you find on Easyharp at this link:

Please check out also the free user guide of Easyharp advanced tablatures for blues harmonica that you find at this link:

Here below the complete Tabs and the Youtube video.

Have fun!


blues harmonica tabs


blues harmonica tabs



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