Paolo Demontis

Paolo Demontis

He’s a new generation Italian blues harmonica player, was born in 1974 and started playing blues harp when he was seventeen. No one taught him how to play the tiny instrument, but in 2000 he was teaching blues harmonica at the JazzSchool in Torino for 2 years and continued teaching until now for his own student classes. Today he’s a maestro in technique and knowledge of harmonica playing and a fine and involving live performer.

In 2013, after 22 years of love for his instrument and hard work on it, he has given rise to Easyharp, the first Italian website with online video lessons to learn playing blues harmonica. After the successful landing in the web of Easyharp, the new complete English version in finally online.

On Easyharp are available more than 7 hours of tutorial videos to easily understand techniques, theory, practice, exercises , riffs, positions, etc: all you need from a starting level to become a professional blues harmonica player.

He plays Seydel Harmonicas. As he says: great tone and amazing sounding harps!

Read more details about my story in this article:

Easyharp | Blues Harmonica Lessons | My story

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